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Kingsmead School is a Specialist School in the Performing and Visual Arts (PVA) and is able to select 10% of students based on their aptitude in Art, Drama, Music and Dance, their ability to develop their skills in these subjects and their commitment to these subjects.

Students who have been successful in their application will be closely monitored and supported by our Specialist Arts staff and the Learning Director of Year 7. They will be offered many performance opportunities and other exciting extra-curricular qualifications such as taking part in a LAMDA performance exam free of charge, or completing a Bronze Arts Award.

If your child has secured a place as a music candidate they will also have the opportunity to receive FREE music instrumental lessons. Vocalists will be offered the same opportunity.

Students admitted under our P&VA criteria will be required to attend P&VA workshops and extra-curricular clubs to ensure the learning experience is maximised. There is also one weekly compulsory extra lesson after school giving these students extra teaching time for their specialist area of talent.

PVA Application Process for September 2021 is now open.  Please see downloads and information below.

The purpose of the Performing & Visual Arts Auditions & Workshops is to select the candidates we feel have the ability to develop their skills and benefit from all that Kingsmead School has to offer - the day is not designed to be stressful for the candidates and they should not feel apprehensive or nervous.

 Workshop Details 

Drama - consists of an improvised group performance and a prepared monologue performance (to be set by the school a week prior to the workshop).

Music - candidates should prepare one instrumental piece to perform or a vocal piece to perform with backing track accompaniment (to be provided by the candidate), followed by a short, unprepared aural test.

Art - candidates participate in a workshop which will include two timed drawing tasks.  All materials and equipment will be provided by the school on the day.

Dance - will consist of a teacher led workshop, including activities that will assess students ability to work independently and collaboratively.  Students will be taught a short piece of dance and will then be expected to perform and develop it individually and as part of a group.   





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