PVA Days

PVA stands for Performing and Visual Arts which is our specialism.

Our annual PVA Day is now firmly embedded in the school's calendar.

Ms Batteson, the event co-ordinator says "Kingsmead students really thrive when they are given structured opportunities to demonstrate creativity and expression and we see this in the many events such as concerts, fashion shows, drama performances and art displays which run throughout the year. What makes PVA Day so special is that students see teachers, support and admin staff working in areas which are sometimes quite different from their regular work at Kingsmead. It is also an opportunity for students to work alongside students in other year groups who they may not have met before.

The performing and visual arts are central to our everyday lives and it is really important for young people to grasp opportunities to gain confidence in trying new things and learning new skills.

Another key aspect of the day is that it is a real community event with many activities emphasising teamwork and shared endeavour."

Our most recent PVA Day activities included:





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