Cologne Christmas Trip

On 30th November, a group of Kingsmead students crossed the channel on a visit to Cologne. 

It was amazing. full of smells, sights and beauty but above all, an extraordinary experience.

We arrived Friday morning and headed off to our first of four Christmas Markets. It was a very traditional market, a great one to start with.  It had traditional cuisine and lots of products such as hand knitted gloves and outstanding jewellery.

We did not come to Germany just for a holiday, we used our German lessons to help us to research and speak to the store owners. It was a great feeling to be able to understand what they were saying whilst speaking to us in their home language!  We ordered some Bratwurst (German sausage) by saying "Ich hatte gerne 4 Bratwurste bitte", which translates to "I would like 4 Bratwursts please".  The store owner understood exactly what we said and gave us four of the most delicious sausages we have ever eaten.

The next day we went to a theme park called 'Phantasialand'.  It was full of rides with lots of German food stalls too.  The rides were very exciting, but the highlight had to be the firework display at the end of the day. The dark sky was full of colour and light with perfectly synchronised music.  It was definitely the best way to end our amazing time in Cologne.

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