Friday 13th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Kingsmead School remains very much open and continuing to function as per normal; despite new government advice on self-isolation for seven days if one now develops a high temperature or persistent cough.

We want students to be able to have an education, but if your child does develop symptoms, please do inform and keep them at home for seven days. If we encounter a child at school who is obviously ill, we will ask you to collect them.

With the above said, I feel duty bound to echo the Prime Minister, who has told us that staying at home may actually make things worse. Please do continue to send your child to school unless they develop symptoms.

There are some possibilities you should be aware of.

If the school were to have a substantial number of adults unable to come to work

It may be necessary to partially close the school.

If this were necessary, I would let you know via the school gateway app/text message before 7.30am on the day at the absolute latest. It is most likely that we will actually know the night before and you will know as soon as possible.

IF this happens, in the first instance then the exam year groups (Year 10, Year 11 and Y13) would still come to school and we will continue to prepare them as well as we can in the circumstances.

Years 7, 8, 9 and 12 would be expected to learn from home using the tasks available to them via our virtual learning environment. If this happens, I will contact you with further detail on accessing the learning at the time.

If the school were informed by Public Health England that we should fully close

All year groups and staff may be required to stay at home.

If this is necessary, you will know as soon as we know.

In this instance, all year groups would have work available to them via the virtual learning environment.

Every child has access to Microsoft Office 365 at home via the school and can contact teachers directly using their school email. If this happens, I will contact you with further detail on accessing the learning at the time.

All school trips are currently under review, but the general rule will be that unless a trip is outside of the normal school day or has limited impact on the number of staff in school, is likely it will be cancelled. This is not because they are unsafe, but because we need to be able to guarantee the normal operation of the school. Those trips that are cancelled will get notification later today. Trips such as A Level fieldwork trips, will go ahead unless we are specifically advised against doing so.

We will update you if anything about the current situation changes.

The latest NHS guidance can be found here:

If you have any further queries, please do email

Best wishes

David Medway


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