Notice to Year 13 Students

Dear Year 13,

I hope you are all well, and I am sending you this email to keep you informed (as much as I can at this point) on the announcements of examinations this summer.

I want to stress to you at this moment in time, that we are receiving the same news as you are via media and no decisions have yet been made about the outcomes and grades this year. As soon as I know/hear anything I will communicate with you straight away to keep you updated and to manage your expectations/ emotions/ thoughts etc etc.

Statements from last night were:

“details will be given on Friday on how pupils would be awarded grades in the absence of exams.”

“will award grades in August under a different process and a different system.”

With both statements this could mean anything, and I appreciate at this point lots of you have worked extremely hard since predicted grades, PLR assessments and so on. Therefore, the ‘difference process’ is not yet known, and as soon as it is I will work hard to ensure you all are treated fairly and are communicated with as soon as I can.

In saying this

…is it time to stop working – NO! (definitely not). You need to ensure you are keeping on top of any work given to you. Teachers are working hard at school to upload resources and materials for you for each of your subjects. You should be able to obtain lessons, exams and resources. You are all dedicated students, and in an increasingly competitive labour market you need to ‘stand out’ amongst your peers and everybody else…so start and continue as you mean to go on and take advantage of this break to manage your workload, make your own revision materials and practise some examination questions.

…is it time to switch off and do nothing – NO! (again, definitely not). Let’s say in a future interview you are asked ‘what did you do with your time during the school closures’. What would you say? What is the employer looking for you to say? Think about it! My advice, as well as above and keeping on top of your current work demands, is to look for opportunities to ‘stand out’. You all have access to Unifrog and some of you last year accessed MooCs (massive open online courses: you need to keep up your educational inquisitiveness. So over the next few weeks complete some online courses, research your subject passions, keep notes and write down questions you have for further research and thought – this will make you STAND OUT! I would be impressed with such answers – so please make use of your time and the resources available to you.

I have had a few emails about PLR3 and feedback/marks. Yes, at some point in the coming days/weeks you will receive feedback from your teachers. This will probably come via the VLE to your email accounts. At the moment, as I said above, teacher priorities are to upload materials and not to mark PLR3 – this will soon change, and you will be given feedback on any work you have done for PLR3.

Keep safe! I will be accessing my emails daily and will answer any questions you may have, and as soon as I know more, then you will know more also.

Mr Winstanley

Learning Director of Sixth Form

Kingsmead School

196 Southbury Road

Enfield, EN1 1YQ

0208 351 5000

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