Notice to Year 11 students

Dear Year 11,

Please read the message below from Mr Rogers, Ms Batteson and Mr Anjum.

We hope that you are well. We would like to let you know everything that we know about the current situation following last night's announcement that GCSE exams won't take place this summer.

Please be aware that we are receiving the same news as you are via media and no decisions have yet been made about the outcomes and grades this year. As soon as we know anything, we will let you know straight away.

Statements from last night were:

“details will be given on Friday on how pupils would be awarded grades in the absence of exams.”

“will award grades in August under a different process and a different system.”

We appreciate lots of you have worked extremely hard since getting your PLR2 trial exam results and during PLR3 trial exams. The ‘difference process’ is not yet known, and as soon as it is, we will work hard to ensure you all are treated fairly and we will communicate this with you as soon as possible.

However, it is not time to stop working.

  • You will still be assessed - trial exams will be marked and grades will be awarded. All performance data will be taken into consideration.
  • Teachers are working hard at school to upload resources and materials for you for each of your subjects. Continue to work through these materials on the VLE.
  • Remember, you are not only working for a GCSE grade, but also building skills for the future. Sixth Form and College placements will still require the skills and the knowledge that you have gained over the past 5 years at Kingsmead. You need to be more prepared for further education than ever before.
  • Also, you will complete A Levels in some of your subjects so it is definitely not time to stop working but time to continue to practice: Take advantage of this break to manage your workload, make your own revision materials and practice some examination questions.
  • You might be asked in the future, at a University or job interview: What did you do with your time during the school closures? Use this time to set yourself apart from your peers by continuing to work hard. Use Unifrog and access Moocs and compete a course related to your passion and future career plan.

At this time we understand how anxious you may be feeling - remember the mental health advice you were given in assemblies. Be aware that your teachers are still here for you and you should expect to hear from them via the VLE. As soon as we know anything else about anything, we will let you know. Please regularly check your school email account and VLE messages.

Wishing you the best,

Mr Rogers, Ms Batteson and Mr Anjum

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