Drop Down Day March 2018

Yet another successful Drop Down Day! 

On 22nd March, once again, we suspended normal lessons for the day and different years took part different experiences.

With educational experiences in school and trips around London. These experiences included visits to places of historic or cultural interest, arts workshops, sports activities and many more.

Both students and staff expressed how much they enjoyed the day, doing many different activities which are not possible during the usual school day.

Some of the trips included:

Maths go to Winton Maths Gallery

90 Year 8 students and 9 Maths teachers boarded the train to South Kensington on Drop Down Day to explore the Winton Maths Gallery in the Science Museum.

The exhibition had an impressive geometrical design and it allowed students to examine the fundamental role mathematicians, their tools and ideas have played in the world around us. It demonstrated to students how mathematics connects to every aspect of our lives.

‘Love on your Rocks’ A community project in Enfield for children to paint, hide and re-hide rocks.

We had a wonderful day with the year 9s on Drop Down Day. We took part in the ‘Love on your Rocks’ community initiative.

This is a project where children paint, hide, find and rehide rocks. This is shared on a social media group. It happens all across the country.

We had a positive response from the online community (especially from George Spicer parents as we painted rocks for them to find at pick up time).

We had sceptical students at the start who were converts at the end of the day. We even did special ‘Practice to Perfect ‘ rocks just to get the wider message out. 

Look forward to the next one.

Sense and Sustainability Year 7 Trip around Central London including the Sky Garden

British Museum

Latin students in Year 8 looked at Roman and Ancient Greek weapons, sculptures, musical instruments, board games and more. They then made a presentation at school on ancient artefacts still used today.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through our gallery.


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