Drop Down Day November 2017

On 22nd November, normal lessons were suspended for the day and different years had different experiences.

Years 7, 8, 9 and 12 had full days of educational experiences in school or in and around London. These experiences included visits to places of historic or cultural interest, arts workshops, sports activities and many more.

Meanwhile, Years 10 and 11 had immersion days in Science and Maths focused on exam practice. Year 13 had a series of life skills workshops preparing prospective undergraduates for the step to university.

Students and staff commented on how much they enjoyed the day. It was immensely valuable to spend time immersed in their activities in a way that is not possible on a normal day.

Our trips included:

We are now looking forward to our second Drop Down Day in March.

Enjoy browsing our photos of the day and also check out the video below with content contributed by Alexia Chappell, who went away and put together this as the answers to the treasure hunt.


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Drop Down Day History Treasure Hunt by Alexia

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