Kingsmead donates Science Books to schools in Zimbabwe

Kingsmead recently donated a number of Science books that we no longer need.

They were taken to Zimbabwe by Mr Gwagwa, a Kingsmead parent who told us, "We distributed on average 26-30 books across four schools, which are:

Seke 1 High - Brown uniform

Seke 3 High

Zengeza 1 High - Blue uniform

Zengeza 3 High- Green uniform

Zengeza 4 High.

I am an alumni of Zengeza 1 where the students helped me to decide on which schools to donate to."

Mr Gwagwa also told us that the students are trying to put together a thank you video for us which we will share in due course.

We would like to say thank you to Mr Gwagwa for his efforts in ensuring the books arrived safely to their far away destination.

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