Kingsmead's Book Day

This year Kingsmead decided to hold it's own 'Book Day' on April 23rd.  The day was a resounding success with the whole school getting involved.

Activities included:

  • Teachers and Sixth Form students dressed as their favourite book characters with winners receiving a £10 book voucher
  • Students discussing their favourite books, sharing book recommendations and taking part in a book knowledge quiz
  • Teachers sharing their favourite books to read for pleasure
  • Every lesson had a 'drop everything and read' period for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • Lesson activities were linked to reading and teachers discussing recommended texts for their subject areas
  • Prizes for the form who had the most visitors to the library

And in the library we had......

  • A combination of different level book hunts where students read clues from a sheet and searched the library for the relevant books
  • Mystery Books: different titles and levels of fiction books were wrapped in brown paper with just a small excerpt visible to give the reader a little taste of what the story is about. Students who chose a mystery book had to commit to reading it with many students saying that they enjoyed the books and would not have necessarily chosen them from their covers
  • Find and name the member of staff: staff had their picture taken holding a book to obscure their faces and students had to complete the list naming all of the staff correctly
  • Writers’ Corner: My Character Profile: students made up their own character and created the outline of a story about them
  • Book Recommendation/Share a Story: students got the opportunity to share a story they have read by completing a sheet for the Display Board as well as recommending books they have read, the audience that it would be most appropriate for and why they enjoyed it
  • Sheets were also available for students to write down recommendations of books they thought would be good for our library that we currently do not have. This will be useful for our future ordering of books.

At the end of each activity, students were asked to complete an evaluation sheet. Below are some of the comments:

Book Hunt - "It showed me a completely new style of books and expanded my want to read new book genres." Charlotte Year 8

Book Hunt: "I loved that you can have competitions and search books. I liked this because it was enjoyable and the hours went very quickly and was a lot of fun. I learnt where all the books are kept and I found lots of new books that I didn't know existed." Israt Year 7

Book Recommendation: "I could write about one of my favourite books that I wanted to recommend to my friends." Hudayfa Year 7

Character Profile: "I enjoyed getting to make my own character because it was nice to search my imagination. I learnt that my imagination has no limits" Iqlas Year 7

"I loved doing all of the activities! Being able to browse whilst doing the activity was great. I wanted to find non-fiction books that I would like to read, I found lots! I learnt how to collaborate better and how to use the catalogue to search for a book. This expanded my wish to read more non-fiction books." Clodagh Year 7

Mystery Book: "I read the mystery book 'If I Could Fly'. I really enjoyed it because it had a way of making you think you are there, however, it is also quite sad because it makes you want to help the character but you can't. i would really recommend this book to others who enjoy mysteries or adventure." Israt Year 7

Mystery Book: 'Neverwhere' "So far I really like this book as it leaves you on the edge at the end of each page wanting more.  the author's vivid descriptions paint a clear image in the readers head. I didn't think I'd like the book at first." Alicia Year 9

Students who successfully completed an activity received a certificate awarded to them in their Year group assembly.

The event was so successful that we will be running a number of 'Mini Kingsmead Book Days' throughout the year.

Please click here to see our photographs of the day. 









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