‘Our Future Our Choice’ Event

On Friday 8/6/18, the school hosted a political event by a campaigning group called ‘Our Future Our Choice’, who want under 18’s views on Brexit to be considered in the national debate.

Over 100 students gave up their own time after school to hear the local MP, Joan Ryan, speak about Brexit and answer questions on issues as diverse as knife crime, extending the vote to 16 year olds and press censorship.

‘Our Future our Choice’ were really complimentary about our students:

’We just wanted to commend your students for engaging with Joan and us with such confidence and knowledge. In particular, everyone who spoke so well, regardless of their politics - deserve great credit for their bravery in sharing their opinions and beliefs in front of an MP, ourselves, teachers, and peers from other (older) school years!’’

Thank you to all those who attended, you were a credit to the school.

Mr Greany







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