P&VA Performing & Visual Arts Day 2018

Following on from the enormous success of our Performing & Visual Arts Activities Days over the past years, we held our annual P&VA Day on Friday 13th July 2018. Once again this was an opportunity to share and celebrate talents across the whole school community.

A great deal of planning and effort went into making this an exciting and special day where our school community took part in this dynamic learning opportunity. Students chose their own activities from a wide variety on offer.

Students who stayed in school took part in the following activities:

  • Pilots Of The Caribbean – Interactive Performance
  • Tissue Paper Flower Making Workshop
  • Dance Workshop – Bollywood & Street Dance
  • It’s All About TEA
  • ‘All Things Arabic’
  • Mosaic Tile Making
  • Learn How To Draw Batman And The Joker Comic Cover
  • ‘Gingerbread World’ – Making Delicious Items With Gingerbread
  • Creating Religious Art – Mandalas
  • Artefacts & Symbolism
  • Scale Miniature Painting
  • ‘A Forensic Day’ - All The Gory Details
  • Making ‘Crepes’ What Fillings Will You Choose?
  • History Visual Arts Club
  • Python Programming Projects – Interactive Website
  • Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

Trips included:

  • The British Library
  • The Natural History Museum
  • The Shrek Experience
  • Royal Academy of Art Summer Show
  • Languages Trip To Madrid
  • Psychology/Sociology Trip ‘Les Suffragettes’
  • Biology Field Trip
  • Year 9 Thorpe Park
  • A Wicked Wizard Of Oz – Theatre
  • Nature Walk in the Lea Valley Park
  • The Roman Dead - Latin

Sports Activities:

  • Table Tennis / Taster And Coaching
  • Cricket At Enfield
  • Cycling Through The Lee Valley
  • Fifa 5 A Side Football
  • Joga Bonito 3 A Side Football
  • Basketball

 The whole school community enjoyed this fun and exciting day!

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