Student Locker Information

Please be advised that current Year 7 students who have lockers will need to clear them by Wednesday 17th July to enable us to check them ready for our new Year 7 intake.

Any lockers not cleared by this date will have their padlock removed by the site team, the contents will be bagged and taken to lost property in the medical room.

New Year 7 students starting in September will have priority for lockers for 2 weeks and the rest of the school thereafter if any are left.

Lockers will be allocated to students on a first come first served basis from the Library. Students can visit at break and lunchtime.

A sturdy padlock must be supplied (an example is available to view in the library).

Lockers can be rented for 1 academic year and can be paid for via the School Gateway for £5 during August.

At the end of the school year, all locker contents must be cleared as above instructions.

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