Partnership with Parents and Carers

From Year 7 to Year 13, the success of Kingsmead students rests on the secure support of parents or carers and teachers working together in partnership in the educational interests of the child.  This partnership is built on the home school agreement which is established at the first meeting between Kingsmead staff and parents and carers.  This can occur at the start of Year 7 when all new students’ families have an individual meeting with a member of our staff or for students joining the school at other points it will be the Head of Year who meets to discuss shared high expectations.

Parent Teacher Consultation  

Parents and carers are invited to attend twice yearly Academic Review Days and annual Subject Teacher Consultations.  There are also information evenings at key transition points as students move on from one Key Stage to the next.  Each term a report is posted home with details of students’ academic progress.  Heads of Year and other senior staff are available by appointment to discuss all aspects of student progress and welfare.  You can also use the contact form on the right of this page to send an enquiry to a member of the teaching staff. 

High Expectations

Kingsmead has a high reputation locally and nationally for its orderly and friendly working environment which allows everyone to achieve.  Parents and Carers of Kingsmead children work with staff to ensure the school rules set by the governors are adhered to.  Together we ensure that we maintain the conditions for all our children to achieve and secure the best possible future that is available to them, for they are our tomorrow.

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