Consequences Letter

The attached information was sent out in a letter to all parents.

Dear Parent/Guardian

As you know, our work at Kingsmead is driven by our desire to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students and we regularly look to our practices to ensure they support this purpose. We have very high levels of expectation with regards to student behaviour and one area that we wish to tighten up on is students’ low level disruption. This letter is to share with you details of a new initiative that we have trialled with Year 8 this half-term and which we will be introducing into Years 7, 9 & 10 in June.

Any type of behaviour that takes time away from your child’s learning because their teacher has to deal with it is considered low level disruption. Examples of low level disruption are:-

These are the stages:

  1. Verbal warning: student misbehaves and teacher reminds them of the expectations, giving them a chance to change their behaviour.
  2. C1: student misbehaves again during the same lesson and is given a “C1” which is logged on the register by their teacher.
  3. C2: Further misbehaviour results in a “C2” which is logged and which results in a detention. Tutors and Learning Directors receive daily reports of the C1s and C2s so they can monitor the students. If a student receives a number of C1s and/or C2s over a period of time, there will be an intervention and a sanction from the Learning Director of Department or Year.

We would ask that you support the school with this new initiative and reinforce to your child the importance of following school guidelines.

Mrs Y Barry


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