Homework Advice For Parents

To succeed in school, higher education and in the work place, students need to develop independent learning skills. 

Doing homework extends the time students spend on active learning and it extends and consolidates what has been learned in class.

It is a basic expectation that students complete their homework to the best of their ability and by the due date.

we will do our best to:

Students need to:

How parents can help their child with homework:

SAM Learning, an on-line learning website, is now available for all our students to use.  It should be accessed through the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or  Safari.

Log-in is as follows:
Centre ID: EN1KS
User ID: student's date of birth followed by initials in capitals e.g 090689TS
Password: Same as user ID

How long should students spend on homework

Homework for Years 7 and 8 should be 30 minutes per subject per day.
Year 9                    
About 45 minutes per subject (on average 2 or 3 subjects per night).
Years 10 and 11      
About 1 hour per subject (on average 2 subjects per night), plus preparation for supervised assignments.
Years 12 and 13      
About 3 to 4 hours per night.

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