Visitors to Kingsmead


Visitors to Kingsmead must report to the main school reception, where they will be asked to sign in. This is an essential health and safety and security requirement.

All staff and 6th form students wear identity badges and visitors are issued with a visitors badge.  Staff and students' security is paramount and CCTV cameras monitor access points and areas around the site.

Appointments for Parents and Carers

Parents and carers with an issue they need to discuss in person with any member of staff, must make an appointment.  Teachers are usually with classes and it is rarely possible for them to meet parents who arrive at school without first making a prior arrangement.

In exceptional circumstances (those involving child protection or genuine emergencies) then, of course we will endeavour to locate the best member of staff to meet with parents and do everything we can to resolve situations, but ordinarily parents are kindly asked to make appointments.  Appointments can be made via reception or alternatively using the contact facility in the parents' section of the website.

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