At Kingsmead School, we believe that the most effective way to increase the motivation and achievement of our students is to create a positive learning environment, which recognises and rewards high standards of work and behaviour, promotes students’ self-confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment of learning, and where rewards outnumber sanctions. A positive classroom ethos is essential for developing growth mind sets.

Rewards currently available for individual students;

We also participate in the monthly Jack Petchey Achievement Award system.
Jack Petchey is one of the UK's most successful businessmen. Born in East London in July 1925, Jack came from a working class background with very few advantages. From an early age he showed the entrepreneurial skills that have aided his success.
Established in 1999, The Jack Petchey Foundation gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25. The Foundation exists to raise the aspirations of young people, to help them take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society.
Student Award: Each month students and teachers nominate a student who they feel has made a significant achievement either in relation to their own progress, contribution to the school or wider community.
The nominations are then discussed in School Council meetings.
The successful student is awarded £200 to be used within the school.
Leader award: Each year students and staff can also nominate a staff member who they feel has contributed more towards the school.

We also regularly nominate our students for awards made by external bodies, including the Princess Diana Awards and the Martin Heraud Award that is run by the Enfield Rotary Club.

Annual Awards

The Merit system (please note that 30 achievement points are equivalent to 1 merit)

Aiming for ‘Excellence’.

Years 7 & 8

This system is directly linked to the Learning Review Process, which is completed by admin staff on a termly basis using the SIMS computer software, and rewards those students who are putting the maximum effort (excellent) into their work.
Students are awarded one merit  for every ‘excellent’ on their PLR. They can attain an excellent for their effort in;

Students working above expectation will also be recognised with a merit.

In addition merits can be awarded by teachers for the following;

At the end of each Parent Learning Record period, the total number of merits  that a student has earned are totalled. The termly totals are added throughout the year and students receive yearly bronze, silver and gold badges (issued by the LDY in assemblies) once they have gained a specified total, as follows:

BRONZE= 100 merits
SILVER= 200 merits
GOLD= 250 merits
GOLD/RED STAR=300 merits
GOLD SHIELD= 350 merits

Years 9-11
Teachers to record Merits on SIMS and admin staff to produce totals on a termly basis. Single Merits can be awarded for the following;

Every 20 merits awarded per student will have a single ticket in a prize draw which will occur at the end of each term. The Head teacher/LDY will reveal the winner of a large prize.

It is important that teachers award merits  for EXCELLENCE and need to model what our expectations are. Students need to aspire to this standard and establish an ethos of having to ‘Practise to Perfect.’

Rewards are publicised in the ‘Rewards News’ section of the school website and communicated to parents via the school gateway phone app (from December 2017).

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