UCAS applications have begun, and we have already received some amazing university offers for some of our students.

Year 13 students have until Friday 16th December to submit their university applications with the Sixth Form Team.

UCAS in a Nutshell


UCAS: The organisation that manages and processes ALL students’ applications to universities
FIVE: The number of courses your child can apply to in one UCAS cycle
PERSONAL STATEMENT: Only section your child has control over, the place where they sell themselves and explain why the universities should want THEM as students. Max. 4000 characters, 47 lines.
TRACK: the online system that allows you to check the progress of your application once you've submitted it.
EXTRA: The option to apply for an extra course if you have declined all your offers/have not been made any offers from your initial choices.
CLEARING: This is a way for universities to fill places they still have on their courses after applications have closed. It is also a way to gain a place if you do not fulfil the requirements of your offer.
AJUSTMENT: A process that's available to anyone who exceeds the grade requirements of their firm offer, this allows them to try and get a place at a university with higher grade expectations.

An AS-less process...

With the removal of the AS exam, other measures will be used to calculate your child’s predicted grades for university applications, including the end of year 12 exams, classwork and coursework and the teachers professional judgement. It is important to be aware that these grades are a very important part of any application, so aiming to do as well in Year 12 as Year 13 is a must.

UCAS Value

A* 56
A 48
B 40
C 32
D 24
E 16


Which are the Russell Group Universities?

Universities of…
Birmingham LSE
Bristol Manchester
Cambridge Newcastle
Cardiff Nottingham
Durham Oxford
Edinburgh Queen Mary
Exeter Queens Belfast
Glasgow Sheffield
Imperial Southampton
Kings College UCL
Leeds Warwick
Liverpool York


Opportunities and their importance:

The best thing you can do now is build up your extra circular activities and work experience opportunities in the lead up to sending off applications.  Get involved with things at school and take advantage of the hundreds of opportunities we advertise to you. Examples include: taster courses, summer schools, involvement with the Sutton trust, realising opportunities, K+, pathways to law programmes, internships and more!


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