Our Library is a place for quiet study, reading and research. It is open to everyone, every day, and there is always someone available to help students find the reading book or piece of information they need, whether that is for school work or other interest.

The library team are Ms Jarrett, Librarian, Mrs Nelmes, Media Resources & Curriculum Support Coordinator, with support from Miss T Grant-Anthony, Curriculum Support Assistant.

The Library is staffed every day between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

We house a large selection of both fiction and non fiction books which we regularly add to with new titles including. 

We have a 'Curriculum Area', which consists of carefully selected books that support each topic studied within a curriculum subject.

Homework Club takes place in the Library every day from 3:25pm - 4:30pm (4:15pm on Fridays). The library team are also available during this time to provide the usual library service. Students can use the library resources including our computer suite which houses 23 computers.

To ensure the library remains an area conducive to quiet study, the following Library Expectations are in place:

We welcome all students to come along and share our enthusiasm for reading, knowledge and ultimately books!

'When in doubt, go to the library' - J K Rowling

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