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  • We expect excellence. 'Leaders are keen to prepare pupils for their future lives. They have high expectations of pupils' academic achievement.'
  • We commit to an enjoyable and challenging curriculum. 'The school teaches a large range of GCSE and A Level subjects for pupils to choose from...
  • We value the Arts. 'The school encourages pupils with an aptitude for performing and visual arts, including music, dance, drama and textiles, to develop their interest and creativity.'
  • We nurture exceptional behaviour. 'Leaders have high expectations for pupils' behaviour.'
  • We form a diverse community. 'Pupils feel happy and are safe... Leaders are keen to broaden pupils' understanding of the cultural influences that have shaped the world around them.'
  • We educate the whole child. 'Leaders have thought carefully about how they can support pupils' wider development.'
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  • A comfortable, nurturing atmosphere
  • A focus on every child’s individual development
  • A personalised approach to education, a good fit for every child
  • Positive values and a child-centred approach
  • High standards, well-behaved students and organised staff
  • A strong reputation in the local community and beyond


Kingsmead School is special as a result of remarkable hard work. That work has been from my colleagues, some of whom have committed themselves to the community for decades. It has also come from the children and families we serve. We are all proud of the results of our combined efforts, and I am proud to be the Headteacher of a school full of successful, happy, children and staff.

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Our Specialism

Kingsmead School officially achieved specialist status in the Performing and Visual Arts in September 2006.

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What Makes Us Special?

At Kingsmead, we think of what we do as teaching three different things that lead to advantages in life.

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Welcome to the 2024 Transition Information page.

This page will detail all arrangements and communications in relation to the process – we ask that you please check it regularly.

We are all looking forward to meeting you!

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An ambitious and inclusive programme of activities that foster the development of further skills outside timetabled lessons.

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Sixth Form

Sixth Form

The Academic Sixth Form for North London’s Most Ambitious

Kingsmead Sixth Form is a vibrant, purposeful and cosmopolitan community which encourages and supports excellence. Kingsmead Sixth Form has become synonymous with the word ‘outstanding’, we are proud to engage with the elite, ambitious and aspiring students who join us.

More about our sixth form
Sixth Form
sixth form

At Kingsmead 
Sixth Form I have
been enriched with boundless opportunities. Through collaboration I've lent my expertise in editing videos, contributing to the school's vibrant narrative of excellence and achievement. 


Top 15% GCSE Progress Nationally


Ebacc Entry


of students with an in person work experience placement


students at their chosen university