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Head's Welcome

Kingsmead School is special as a result of remarkable hard work. That work has been from my colleagues, some of whom have committed themselves to the community for decades. It has also come from the children and families we serve. We are all proud of the results of our combined efforts, and I am proud to be the Headteacher of a school full of successful, happy, children and staff.

Our exam outcomes have usually been in the top 30% nationally for progress, both at 16 and 18 years old, and in 2017 the A Level outcomes put us in the top 4% nationally. Ofsted mention how our curriculum is ‘shaped to meet the demands of an increasingly aspirational population’ and that ‘Pupils across year groups provided with opportunities to stretch themselves’. That curriculum is defiantly broad and takes into account our specialism in the performing and visual arts. We have also been recognised by the SSAT as leading edge practitioners in school behaviour and are determined that students will not only know where they want to go, but how they will get there.

We start from the aim being that every student is able to access a university course or professional career. Our students regularly progress to Russell Group and Oxbridge universities, but also into apprenticeships and worthwhile employment.

As for how we do this, it can be summed up by our school motto: ‘Practise to Perfect’. At Kingsmead there is no such thing as clever or talented. Those words are commonly used by others who misunderstand that what looks like cleverness or talent, is normally the product of our experiences and commitment.

Instead, at Kingsmead there is only where you are now, where you need to be, and the quality and pace of what you do to get there. Every student needs an idea of what ‘perfect’ looks like and to be willing to practise, to keep failing to get there, but (to quote Samuel Beckett), to ‘fail better’ every time.

Great results and the practise to perfect attitude are still not enough to guarantee access to the future our students deserve, so we also aim to cultivate four key values in our students that will serve them well in later life. We expect to see courage, nurture, collaboration and rigour reflected in their actions. If you would like to read more about those values, please click here.

If you would like to visit us, ask further questions or talk with our staff about what Kingsmead is like, then please feel free to contact us by using the contact page at the bottom or engage with us via 'X' @KingsmeadAc

David Medway, Headteacher

Comments on why parents/carers have chosen to send their child to Kingsmead School

‘On looking around the school our son felt extremely comfortable and after looking around all the other schools, this was still his his first preference. As parents we like the ethos and culture of the school...’

‘Kingsmead School is our first choice mostly because of our daughter's strong interest in art and drama. She loved the Open Day and she felt very welcome at Kingsmead. We believe that our daughter will flourish as a individual and also she will learn how to take responsibility for her learning at Kingsmead. We were very impressed with the Headteacher’s speech and the clarity of behaviour policy at school.’

‘We feel that Kingsmead School will be the best suited local school to our son's personality both academically and for his personal development. We are in total agreement with the approach to learning and the support that Kingsmead are able to provide.’

‘I really liked the atmosphere, ethos and character of the school which was my daughter's first choice as well as ours. Also liked the range of subjects offered through to A level which seemed to be better than the other schools we were considering.’

‘My first reason for my son to attend Kingsmead School is that my daughter is currently attending and will go on to attend the Sixth Form. The second reason is that this school specialises in the Arts in which my son has a real interest. My daughter has already received outstanding results in Art (grade A in Year 10) and I am keen on Kingsmead helping my son to work hard to earn the same results.’

‘Having visited Kingsmead as a family we like the school values and think our daughter will excel. She is not the most confident girl, but from our visit on the open day we found that the focus on the children played a vital role in their development.’

"I hear this school is one of the most recommended and has high standards. I want the best for my son.’

‘Kingsmead has been an excellent choice for my older children and my daughter has always expressed a wish to attend Kingsmead as she finds the students well behaved and presented. She plays percussion with the Enfield Music Service as well as the violin and will hopefully continue with her music at Kingsmead. She was very impressed with her experience at open evening. The positivity and enthusiasm of the students and teachers taking part in a science experiment and talking with the biology teachers. My daughter feels that Kingsmead gives opportunities to all students to express themselves and pursue their dreams.’

‘My son and I loved the school, especially when he saw the school orchestra.’

‘We were very impressed with the level of organisation at the open evening unlike most other schools we went to see. We were also impressed with how knowledgeable and friendly all the staff and teachers were that we met.’

‘I would like my daughter to attend this school because it teaches the children to be independent and because it includes all backgrounds.’

‘I would like my child to attend Kingsmead as I believe this school has strong discipline procedures and no tolerance for bad behaviour.’