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After School Detention Enquiries

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your ongoing support this year. In 2022 OFSTED said lots of positive things about the culture of high expectations at Kingsmead, as did the visit from Challenge Partners and an external review from the local behaviour hub. I am confident to say that the way we approach behaviour is not only a model for other schools, but keeps getting better and better over time.

As part of that we have been reflecting on how to ensure that those who always do the right thing do not have their time wasted. I also want my colleagues to have their decisions respected and be free to spend their time supporting the students who need it. It is also important to us that students get a consistent response from the school and that we demonstrate that each student is treated similarly.

There are two decisions here that you need to be aware of and are explained below.

1. From now on, any phone-calls or emails about detentions will not be passed on or responded to.

If a parent has clear evidence that a colleague has failed to follow the school policy or made an administrative error, then they should contact the school via the following link and it will be passed to the member of staff.

Detention Enquiries Form
It is unlikely that this will be responded to sooner than the detention is expected to be sat and students will be expected to attend regardless.

2. From Monday 4th March, the external gate will shut at 0824 exactly.

At 0823 the school bell will sound once as a one-minute warning to anyone still offsite.

At 0824 it will ring twice, with the gate closing and the school expected to begin lining up.

At 0825 it will ring three times, at which point students are expected to be in the lines so we can dismiss them to make then transition to lessons as quick and smooth as possible.

To download this information and read the thinking behind these two decisions please click here.

Best wishes,
H. Ali  - Assistant Headteacher