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Pastoral Provision

At Kingsmead we believe that the success of our students is the result of close collaboration and team work between all staff. Therefore, the aim of our pastoral provision is to support students to ensure they can succeed in their academic life and can make the most of the opportunities offered to them at Kingsmead.

We have a team of 5 Heads of of Year who, together with their Deputy Head of Year are available to support both students and parents. We also have a dedicated Behaviour for Learning team who are there to guide students into making the right choices and reflect on how they can learn from their mistakes.

In order to contact your child’s Head of Year, please email pastoral@kingsmead.org and a member of the Pastoral Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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At Kingsmead we are aware of the challenges that some of our students can face during their time in school and recognise that ensuring students are well supported in any mental health issues they might experience is paramount to their success, well-being, and happiness and is part of the holistic approach we employ to ensure students experiencing difficulties are not prevented from succeeding. Therefore, we provide extensive support to both students and adults through an organisation called Place2Be. The service provides a confidential space for students and where appropriate parents, with a skilled professional, where social, developmental and emotional problems can be addressed.

Academic mentoring is available to all students through their tutors. The academic mentoring program is based on the ‘GROW’ model. 

Kingsmead School is also part of the Stepping Stones programme. The Stepping Stones programme is an innovative schools-based, preventative intervention aimed at vulnerable pupils who might benefit from additional guidance and support during the transition from primary to secondary school. The pilot project was designed and led by 3 different secondary schools. It was funded by the Mayor for London. The project proved to be very successful, such that the GLA and the Mayor were so impressed that they decided to roll it out across London.

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The school also has a Medical room, which is permanently staffed by our school nurses who are first aid trained and undergo regular training. The school nurses will support students with minor ailments but also with any more complex conditions. The nurses will also administer medical on written request and store and supervise painkillers or medication sent from home with parental consent. Our medical staff are committed to working with parents, carers and students to ensure that medical needs are not a barrier to learning and reaching students’ full potential.