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The Board of Trustees of Kingsmead School is comprised of Community Trustees, Parent Trustees and Staff (Teaching and Non teaching) Trustees.

The Board is made up of four main committees:

  •  Finance (audit & risk), Staffing & Premises Committee
  •  Impact Committee
  •  Implementation Committee
  •  Inclusion Committee

There are several smaller panels that sit at different times of the year:

  • Attendance Panel
  • Pay Committee
  • Admissions Committee.

The Chair can be contacted via Kingsmead School, 196 Southbury Road, EN11YQ or by emailing ChairofTrustees@Kingsmead.org

The Board of Trustees at Kingsmead is made up of:

  • 6 Elected Parent Trustees, elected by parents. Only people with children at Kingsmead can put themselves forward for election.
  • 3 Staff Trustees, appointed by the Board of Trustees, following an election amongst staff
  • 8 Community Trustees appointed by Kingsmead School, in conjunction with the Headteacher and Chair of Trustees
  • The Headteacher. The Headteacher is automatically a permanent member of the Board of Trustees when they take up their post.

Click here to read our Articles of Association

Click on the links below to see a list of our current Trustees, their Trustee type, roles within the Board of Trustees and their terms of office.

Our Trustees

To contact the Chair of Trustees please email ChairofTrustees@Kingsmead.org

To contact the Trustee linked to safeguarding, please email trustee.safeguarding@kingsmead.org

Academy Trust Handbook

Declarations of Interest 2022-23

Trustee Attendance 2022-23

Audit Findings Year End 2022

Audit Findings Year End 2023

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2023

Trustees who have left within the last 12 months