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Readiness Curriculum

It is our view that, even with excellent academic learning, unless a child has an understanding of their society and a plan for their place in it, they will be disadvantaged when they leave us.

The Readiness Curriculum at Kingsmead has been developed to be broad and balanced, and to support the ongoing development of our young people as they begin to prepare for adulthood. It provides our students with knowledge and skills that will help them to develop into confident, healthy, and independent citizens. The Readiness Curriculum aims to level the playing field by building cultural capital and character through high quality enrichment opportunities and the explicit teaching of personal development through its different programs. It is also delivered implicitly throughout the wider school ethos and during academic lessons.

Its main aim is to develop the following traits in our students:

  • Safety and confidence
  • Direction and ambition
  • Creativity and appreciation of the Arts
  • Awareness of society and the world
  • Empathy, self-care and respect.
  • Citizenship and participation

In order to deliver the Readiness Curriculum intent, we have structured in into the following programs. These complement and build on each other:

The Readiness Curriculum is delivered as follows to all students in Kingsmead.

Character Curriculum One 45-minute lesson per week
Drop-down Days*
Enrichment After school sessions
Day and residential trips
Whole school programs of various durations
Drop-down Days*
Careers education After school sessions
Day trips
Whole school programs of various durations
Drop-down Days*
Academic Mentoring
Work Experience
Careers Fairs

 *Drop-down Days: On these days, the usual school timetable collapses and students in all year groups are engaged in different activities that support the delivery of the Readiness Curriculum.