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Literacy equips students with the ability and resilience to access every subject’s curricula.

We firmly believe in a whole-school approach where every teacher is also a teacher of Literacy. We have developed a 3-pronged Literacy strategy:

  • Literacy in every lesson
  • Literacy support
  • Extra-curricular Literacy

Literacy in every lesson

Vocabulary (including subject-specific or tier 3 vocabulary) is explicitly taught and students are encouraged to use tier 2 vocabulary whenever possible. We aim to develop their vocabulary with our school wide word of the week. Literacy gaps are identified and corrected during regular and RRD lessons. Teachers use a school wide Literacy checklist when marking students’ work. Students are encouraged to follow our ‘Literacy 5’ and use their planner as a resource.

Literacy support

All students complete a weekly Literacy activity during tutorial – these range from comprehension to writing challenges.
We offer 2 levels of support for our students working below expected levels: 1) reading intervention and 2) Literacy intervention. Both are offered in small groups where a range of activities are completed – all to enable students to become proficient in reading and writing and access the curriculum.

NGRT tests, formative and summative assessments and teachers’ feedback help identify students with Literacy levels below age related expectations and coordinate new groups of students each half-term. If you want to know more about NGRT test click here

Extra curricular:

Book clubs
Kingsmead Library Ambassadors
The Yappy Crown – KS3 newspaper
Library HQ

Reading at Home

eBooks are now available through the following link:


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The homepage will show you a list of all ebooks on the left-hand side, click on the details and then you can either 'read online' or 'download' for a maximum of 7 days.  When this period ends, the book will automatically delete and you can choose another book.