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Behaviour for Learning Team

The Behaviour for Learning (BfL) team ensures that in Kingsmead's classrooms, students can focus on learning and teachers can focus on teaching.

The work that the BfL team do supports the delivery of the Behaviour Curriculum and models the qualities of Kindness, Purpose, Responsibility and Formality in order to elicit these from the students in a clear and consistent manner. The team works with students around the school, at breaks and transitions and supports those who find it more challenging to adopt these qualities in the first instance. The BfL office in Kingsmead is near the Head’s office.

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If the need arises, the specialist team can intervene and resolve issues and if necessary, investigate and work in co-ordination with Learning Directors of Year and other senior staff to determine an appropriate and consistent response. The BfL team liaises with parents when necessary and co-ordinates the range of procedures involved in school sanctions. In addition, the BfL team enables key workers in external agencies to meet with school staff on a regular basis to co-ordinate support for students whose behaviour places them at risk of exclusion.
The BfL office is a place where students are brought to if they need guidance with any behaviour issues, or where they can come to report any incidents of poor behaviour. The BfL team also runs ‘focus group’ work where individual or small groups of students receive extra support in certain subject areas. Students may come to BfL for advice, support or mentoring from members of the team. We work closely with both Learning Directors of Year and Departments to support the work they do and allow them to focus on the academic development of our students. All of these strands come together to ensure that outstanding teaching and learning can continue in all lessons, at all times in Kingsmead. The BfL office is also the place where internal exclusions are held.

The BfL team also counts with the assistance of a PSA (Parent Support Advisor) who works closely with the families of our students who have been excluded as well as supporting students from Kingsmead who attend college courses around the borough.

The BFL Team
Mr R Annan-Forson - BFL Learning Coordinator
Ms T Mahmood – BFL Administrator
Mr D Lynch – Pastoral Behaviour Advisor
Ms T Mould - BFL Inclusion Officer
Mrs S Usta - Parent Support Advisor
Mr B Reid - Security Officer