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What is Religious Education about?

Religious Education is learning about world religions and belief systems, including non-belief, and how religion influences moral decisions regarding controversial ethical issues.

What do we teach in Religious Education and why?

At KS3, Religious Education teaches themes across the breadth of the six major world religions. This enables students to gain a wide perspective of different world views across different themes.

At KS4, we follow the AQA A Full GCSE Specification with a focus on Christianity and Islam. This is because they are the largest two religions in the world currently and the largest two religious affiliations of Kingsmead School students.

What does Religious Education enable our students to do?

  • Have an awareness of different religious and non-religious world views
  • Be philosophical thinkers
  • Debating skills in relation controversial issues
  • Be open-minded
  • To have an in depth understanding of Christianity and Islam
  • To understand the separation between religion and state with regards to the law
  • Have an awareness of current ethical issues and different responses

How is the curriculum structured in Religious Education?

KS3 students receive one lesson every two weeks.

KS4 students receive one lesson each week. All students study a full GCSE course.

RE is not currently offered at KS5.

What specifications do we use?


What are the links between Religious Education and other subjects?

  • English – literacy and Literature
  • History – religion
  • Geography – location and distribution of religious belief and practice
  • Sociology – religion’s influence on society
  • Citizenship – links with rules and laws
  • Art – religious art and decoration
  • Maths – numeracy skills
  • D&T – architecture of religious buildings
  • MFL/Latin – origin of different key words and religious language
  • Science – origin of the universe, Big Bang Theory, evolution

What are the future careers students can take when they study Religious Education?

  • Teaching: Schools/colleges/universities/teaching English abroad  
  • Media: Journalism/Publishing/TV and Radio/Copywriting/Events Management 
  • Influencing: Advertising/Public Relations/Digital Marketing/Retail Management/Sales 
  • Linguistics: Lexicography/Language Documentation/Forensics/Translating/Cross-Cultural Advertising 
  • Professions: Law/HR/banking/Accountancy/Insurance 
  • Information: Librarianship and Archives/Information Officer/Bookseller/Web Content Editing 
  • Public Sector: Administration/Civil Service/Health Service/Local Government/Police/Armed Forces

What extra-curricular activities can students take part when you study Religious Education?

Philosophy club will be open to all years

Multi faith event – links with members of the local religious communities

Trips to religious buildings