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The Science department offers a range of programmes for all students in three sciences.

We encourage students to develop their practical, analytical and investigative skills.

The scientific training that the Biology offers aids the development of clear, logical thought and of a critical approach to evidence. A further bonus is the insight Biology offers into the beauty of Nature, and into human nature itself.

Chemistry allows students to explore the interactions occurring in the world around us. It gives insight into the human body and the earth from the deepest ocean to the highest mountain peak.

Studying Physics helps to think logically and solve problems, gather evidence to prove your argument and analyse and communicate complex ideas. Physics has innumerable benefits in the long-run such as enhanced problem-solving skills.

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Science Recommended Reading


Students follow the Pearson Exploring Science KS3 Curriculum. Students spend two years completing fundamental units in biology, chemistry and physics to help prepare students for GCSE. Some of the units studied are:

  • Cells and The Human Body
  • Forces
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Metals and Their Uses
  • Light


All students start the Combined Science GCSE course in Year 9. Later on, some students can elect to enrol in Triple Science where they study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects. Some of the units studied are:

Biology: Cells and Genetics. Health, Diseases and the Development of Medicine. Ecosystems.

Chemistry: States of Matter. The Periodic Table. Atmospheric Chemistry.

Physics: Motion. Radioactivity. Astronomy.


Biology: Biology is taught in a context-led approach; storylines and real-life context are used to introduce biological principals. A range of specific core practicals give you the opportunity to develop your investigative skills and to consolidate your learning.

Chemistry: Chemistry is taught with a methodical approach allowing students to build skills so they can investigate theoretical concepts through practical work.

Physics: Physics is taught in a way that helps students develop their problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to dissect complicated concepts and prove them using mathematical skills.

What specifications do we use?

GCSE: Biology-  Edexcel(1BI0)   Chemistry - Edexcel (1CH0)  Physics - Edexcel (1PH0)

A-LEVEL: Biology - Edexcel 9BN0   Chemistry - AQA 7405   Physics - AQA 7408