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Online Course for Parents - Internet Safety

Course title: Online Safety Secondary Parents
Date of access: May 9th 2024 - June 5th 2024
Course duration: 42 minutes

Please use the following link to join this course run by Education Child Protection Ltd.

Joining instructions:
To join the training session, please click this link to access the training. It will commence immediately (If there are 2 links below, both parts must be completed to be certificated):


GoToWebinar platform: Please find the joining instructions here: https://shorturl.at/csFN2

You are able to access the training in 2 ways:

1. Individual access:
Each delegate must register and log on INDIVIDUALLY to attend the training. Shared screens will not be recorded as having attended the training.

Once you start the training you can pause/fast forward/rewind but DO NOT log out of the training platform or close the web browser window. If you do then unfortunately, we will be unable to ascertain whether or not this training has been completed via the digital training record we provide. If for any reason your device crashes during the training, please contact us on info@ecplimited.com so that we can amend the attendance record.

All forms of digital devices can be used to access the session.

2. Group access:
You are able to facilitate the session, in groups, with someone facilitating at the computer registering, logging in, and sharing the training on your screen to the group.

Delegates will need a phone with them for the end of the session to register their attendance.

In order to record their attendance and receive a certificate, everyone who has attended the session MUST scan the QR code ON THE DAY THEY COMPLETED THE TRAINING and provide their details, and complete an evaluation. Please print copies of the QR code (which also has a web address link if needed) to give to delegates to scan at the end of the training course: https://shorturl.at/mqLS6
Post session information
Please be aware that the following information will be shared with us:
Attendance & feedback summary, which will include a summary of attendees / engagement / no-shows, and certificates for each delegate.
Handouts and certificates will also be e-mailed to delegates directly.